Who Is Jennyfer Browne and What’s with the Amish references?!

So I was on my way to pick up my son (whom you will hear referred to as my SPAWN- even by him) and I started thinking about how people might view this blog, coming to it blindly. 

Many of you might know me from other places. I dabble in other places along the internet under other names- too many now for my brain to really keep up with. But some of you may have happened across this because a friend said to come here…. *Waves at the new faces and the old*

So who am I?

What’s with the Amish thing?

So let’s start with basics:

I was born in Maryland, in a quiet community that still believed in leaving one’s doors unlocked and where kids could spend hours away from parents without the fear of abduction. Not far from farms and orchards, I was blessed with the duality of living in a rural environment while the city lay just a few miles away.


Many years later I now live in the beautiful state of California, south of Los Angeles, where I teach at a local university. Make believe was an integral part of my life growing up, so it’s not a far stretch to find me teaching theatre and writing fiction. Always told I had a penchant for spinning a good yarn, I started writing when I was still in grade school.

Back then it was fantasy novellas.

I was a sucker for Tolkien and Terry Brooks.

So I wrote about strong women on journeys to find themselves and save the world. Elves, dwarves and dashing scoundrels filled the storylines. Even back then I was a sucker for romance, even before I understood there was a genre all on its own for it!

Time passed- I found theatre and I discovered I could be other people in the guise of acting. I wasn’t very good at it. But my imagination expanded. Stories formed, but I didn’t have time to write them. So acting was my outlet.

It wasn’t until my university years that I discovered how much I loved to teach, and living in Los Angeles,I  knew that there was no place for me on the big screen. I concentrated on writing again, poetry this time- my time was still limited but college provides so many emotional experiences, I was drawn.

Poetry turned into short stories and soon I started writing anything that came to mind. But I am always drawn back to the idea of the innocence I experienced as a child. The simple life (pardon the words and instant association to Paris Hilton). The idea of a pure love in today’s world intrigued me. Can one find that, even today with suggestive material everywhere we look? Is there a place, and would our youth be willing to live as such?

Enter the Amish.

I will be the first to admit that I could never live as they do. I am too opinionated and love my internet far too much. I’d be lost without Google. I never understood the Dewey Decimal System. My childhood librarian would scowl when I came to the library. But the Amish live a simple life. Surely one can find that beauty again amongst them?

I visited the Amish villages in Pennsylvania as a child many times- I blame those summer trips for my love of pie and bread…. but I digress. Even with the memories of my childhood, I didn’t think about the Amish as a good storyline until a few friends on Twitter were joking about a picture they had seen about some celebrity and a photoshoot for a magazine gone wrong. It had a very distinct Amish feel to it.

And then it clicked.

The romance and mystery of the Amish. How idyllic their life seemed. How would someone from our world be viewed in their world? What if that person fell in love with an Amish? What then? What a trial! Where would they live? Would it work?

And so started the story of In Your World. 


I spent the next year researching, re- researching and writing. Some might call it an Amish Fiction. Others Inspirational. Maybe also Romance. It is certainly a little steamier than your typical Amish fiction. And I am not a religious person by many eyes. But I believe in love and faith and community. I believe in the need to find that part of you that wants to be better. So that is what this story is about. It’s about finding love in uncommon circumstances and in an uncaring world.

I’ll dive more into the story and myself a little more. As you can see, I’m a bit wordy. This could take a while.

Happy Friday!


Amish Bed Courtships- Just one thing I am researching


Pleasant Friday! 

One of the things you find when researching something you are not close to is just how many discrepancies there are in the facts. This is no different for learning about the Amish.

I’ll discuss that more at length in many more posts. But what I have found to be important is to always go to the source, or as close as you can get. I am fascinated by the stories of the Ex-Amish- both the good and the bad references to them. You can’t have a society without good and bad.

I found this article quite interesting. And enlightening.

How will I use it for the story?

I am neck deep in articles to discover more about bedcourtship…. That’s all I will say for now.

Have a great weekend.

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am excited to share with you my thoughts and images as I take this journey into publishing my first story, currently titled In Your World. 

I hope to be able to offer you links and imagery throughout the process.

Looking forward to sharing so much with you!