Teaser to Healing Faith

020f20de-72f9-4b97-93e9-d64e82ad675f_zpsa84d9b43Pleasant Sunday all! 

As I continue to work through edits for Healing Faith, I thought I’d leave you a little tease, as well as let you know about my Facebook page. 

You can find my page at www.facebook.com/jennyferbrowneauthor 

I am so excited to bring you a little taste of the forthcoming novel, Healing Faith. It’s been such a journey already, and still we have yet to publish! Here’s a little sample of what awaits:


Nathan sat up at my approach and fought to hide the eagerness on his face.

“Would you like apple or blackberry?” I asked softly, struggling to hide my smile when I watched him lick his lips as he eyed the plates in anticipation.

“You made these?” he whispered and looked up at me with those penetrating eyes, glimmering with excitement.

I nodded and felt a surge of pride wash over me when his smile brightened.

“Must I choose?” he asked, a hint of mischief in his expression, the same amusement he had shown me when I had tripped on his laundry.

I glanced back towards the family, their chatter distracting them from our quiet conversation. I looked back down at Nathan, his eyes still on me. I tipped the slice of blackberry onto one of the apple plates and settled in beside him, offering him the double slice with a smirk. He took it from my hands eagerly, his fingers brushing over mine as the plate slipped from my hand to his.

His soft blush and downturned eyes made my skin burn more than the touch had. He was so much different than the men I had known. Shy, hesitant. Never overbearing.

“Thank you, Kate,” he murmured and cut off a sizable piece of the apple, slipping it into his mouth.

I watched as his eyes closed, his jaw moving slowly as he chewed. He hummed softly, the deep tenor of it rumbling through his chest. But his lips had me mesmerized as he chewed. They moved with his jaw, turning up slightly in contentment as he took another bite, this time from the blackberry.

Again a soft hum and smile, his eyes opening lazily to look down at me, in a slight daze. A silent conversation seemed to move between us, and more than anything I wanted to touch him, to feel that connection. I knew it wasn’t allowed, so instead I tried to eat. His voice startled me.

“You make pie like my mother did.”

I blinked and stared at him, unsure of what to say. He looked back down at his plate and cut another piece.

“She loved to bake. She made the same leaves on her crusts. Did your mother teach you?”

Green eyes searched me out when I didn’t answer right away. So deep and expressive with the sadness that swirled in them. I shook my head slowly, afraid to say anything that would make him think about his mother any more. It was clear he missed his family.

“However you learned, you can tell it is what you must enjoy doing. Baking that is,” he continued, a smile playing on his lips as he looked down and took another bite. “Your talent will be well known before the day is out.”

“Hannah says it’s my bargaining chip for finding a husband,” I blurted out, cringing when he stopped mid-chew with widened eyes. He recovered quickly, the playful smirk returning once more.

“An honest man would look for more than the ability to make a good pie,” he replied. “He would spend his energy to find what she enjoys in life so that he could please her.”

His eyes continued to hold onto mine, the world falling away from us as I read every emotion roil through him. Fear, hope, caution, and concern. Was he asking me what I enjoyed? Did he want to know me?


More soon! Thank you so much for following along! We’ll see soon what mischief Kate and Nathan can get into! 

Happy Sunday!