This is Really Happening!




Pleasant Sunday my friends!

We’re about a month away from the ebook release of Healing Faith and I can’t tell you how excited-terrified-stressed I am over it!

I had made the decision to self publish this first novel, knowing that it would be a rough road to journey, without editors, without a creative team, without a cover artist. It was a daunting decision- not just for the lack of professional support, but for the timeline I hoped to adhere to even with a very busy work schedule at my “bill paying” job this spring. But I had faith- and as the deadline fast approaches and I look at the “nearly” finished product, several feelings rush through me:

Pride (not a very Amish trait, but then again, I’m not Amish)

Self-Doubt- will it EVER be good enough? when is it enough? How many times have I changed “said” to “replied” or “stated”?! When do you become counterproductive?

Joy- because I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s beginning to blind me, in a good way. It’s close.

Terror- critiques, the ever present bullying of authors such as me that write about something that could be viewed as either romantic or perverted. Time to toughen the skin for those comments and keep my head up.

Appreciation- for those readers that have followed faithfully and have offered up words of support, suggestion, and even the criticism I need to carry on.

I suppose this Sunday is a reflection on how wonderful this experience has been. This story has gone through many transformations, many deletions, many posted threads on Facebook and twitter and in forums. I am thankful for the support I have received, the love and friendships I have made while writing and posting, and the tears shed over a story that has occupied my time for the last year and a half.

Baby’s growing up- No more running. No more poking at words to fluff. Just words of love and appreciation to all those that have made this happen. So many of you, and many more to come I hope.

Thank you for following along on this journey and here’s to a new start!

Happy Sunday my dears!


14 thoughts on “This is Really Happening!

  1. Lindsey V. says:

    Woohoo! Release date is coming up! I’m so excited to read the story, and I’ll be counting down the days until I can purchase my copy. 🙂

    Will Healing Faith be released in paperback as well?

    Thank you for the post!

    Best Wishes,
    Lindsey V.

    • Thank you so much Lindsey!
      I will be starting with ebook format (fingers crossed June 1st!) followed by a paperback version through Amazon a few weeks later. I am still looking at Nook distribution as well.
      I will definitely provide links and news as it all comes together!
      Thank you so much for your love and support!

  2. I am very happy for you. IYW is one of my fav FF and I have been dying to see what you have done with it and to read it of course! Beings you are going the self publishing route with no cover reveal. ARC’s offered, or blog tour, I would love to do some promotion for you. This is a phenomenal story and deserves some loving and pushing 🙂

    Hope to hear from you!

    • Thanks hun! I will definitely hit you up on any promotion you are willing to give!
      Hopefully will have some kind of cover “reveal” on the blog and FB page soon. I’ll pop you a line!
      Thank you so much for your continued support and love! It means the world to me!

  3. Leah Austin says:

    I’m so enormously proud of you!!! I almost can’t believe how far your writing has come!! It’s truly inspiring and I can’t wait to start pimping out our story to my peeps!!! I love you and your massive brains! 🙂

    • I love you more, my dearest Leah! I would have never ventured into this life if not for those lovely conversations and gentle prodding from you to write you something “more”. I owe you my deepest gratitude and love for giving me the courage and inspiration!
      Love you lady, so very much!

  4. BELAVERA says:

    I know you had to change it for publication, and it can no longer be an “Edward and Bella” story, but how much did you change it? I loved IYW. I wish you luck with your new book. Will you change the title also? I really miss IYW.

    • Thanks my dear! I took on more research for some of the creative liberties in living an Amish life that I had glossed over, as well as changing some of the experiences and locales we have between our two loved ones. I wanted to add a little more depth in the characters and provide some of the Amish lifestyle a little more clearly.
      I think I carried over all the thematic issues on the story as in the original, as it was fairly unique on its own right, and have truly found myself lost in Nathan and Kate’s world.
      Thanks my dear!

  5. vakuntrygal says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to buy it!

  6. NKubie says:

    I can’t be more proud of you and have faith (the healing kind?) that this story will bring you success, in whatever form it takes. You are so talented and have such a generous spirit, you deserve all the best! Having been witness from close to the beginning (Ch 2 or 3??) I feel like I’ve taken this journey with you, and what a ride it is so far! Much love and kudos to you, sweetie!

  7. Ging Hat says:

    Holy cow! You’re doing this all on your own?! My respect for you and your determination and willpower just increased a hundredfold. Brava!
    You will have all my hopes and prayers for a successful and delightful release. Let’s hope any criticism will be of the constructive variety and other types will clearly have causes having nothing to do with you.
    I’m eagerly awaiting the day and all the best to you!

    • It’s extremely daunting but exhilarating all the same. And as the day draws closer to reality of publishing, even more exciting!
      Thanks so much for all the love and support hun!

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