One Week to Go!


This time next week, this happens. 7 days (6 days a few hours and many seconds). 

There is something so exciting when you see the final product coming together, after months (and sometimes years) of staring at it in a word document, you see it laid out on the page. Then you see the cover and it fits. You dig into your wallet, copyright it, buy those ISBNs and things just got real. 

Self publishing has its drawbacks, sure. You set your own deadlines. You may or not chose to hire an editor. Covers- to pay photostock and risk having a cover that matches someone else- or do you have a photoshoot to do something different (thanks again Nick and Brian for putting up with me on shoot day!) You read, your friends read. You putter with little words. You rearrange paragraphs. You stress it’s not enough. 

But seeing it on the pages. Not just word justified for print. You SEE the pages laid out- where the words shouldn’t disappear into the gutter, where the paragraph cuts off to the next page, where the poem you poured your character’s heart out fit just perfectly- LIKE YOU PLANNED IT. Sure a deletion here of a breakout sentence, hours trying to be sure the margins fit right so the words don’t get lost, or that one line remains on that last page of a chapter.

But YOU did it.

You set your goal, you did what you have to do to make it happen. Self pubbing can wreak havoc to your nerves and you stuck it out. The product is there. 

Seeing it come together is a wonderful feeling. 

Nothing can get you down at that moment- no fear of rejection, bad reviews, or bad sales. 

One week to go and that feeling is going to take over everything. I can’t wait to share it with you all! 

Happy Saturday folks! A day early I know. Maybe I’ll just have to come back again tomorrow!



* photograph by Thomas Hawk entitled Printing Press


2 thoughts on “One Week to Go!

  1. wont2nach says:

    I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to buy it.

  2. Jen says:

    I am SO FREAKIN’ ECSTATIC for you, honey! I cannot wait to see this fantastic book and know that it will be in my possession forever. I admit to longing for some more time with a certain Amish guy. Le sigh…
    Congratulations, sweetie!
    With so much love,
    p.s. are you planning on doing any blog tours? Check out “Bookish Temptations” and “Pure Textuality”. I can get you a bunch more blog names if you’d like!

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