An Author Thanks Her Readers

Thank you!

June 1st feels like a long ago memory, and yet it was just one lunar cycle ago. Twenty eight days ago and I was hitting the publish button for this little story I wrote about a girl who meets a boy and they fall in love. And I was scared because it wasn’t just any girl or some simple guy. I was writing about two cultures coming together, and two lost souls finding faith in life through one another.

Once you submit, you are handing your child to the masses, like first day of school- and fret about the bullies that might say your child doesn’t belong. That they’re weird- they stink and shouldn’t sit at the cool kids table. Your little one has to fend for himself and you pray that you prepared him to stand up to those bullies, to find kids that share the same likes and interests, and that he goes far beyond your hopes and dreams.

This little story has moved through the ranks far further than I ever thought possible, in a place I didn’t think it would go. And you my wonderful readers helped to get it there.

I’m not talking NYT bestseller- or even top 100 on Amazon. Every writer hopes for that one day. But this little story was special to me and I knew it would do what it would in its own right. Healing Faith is a sweet romance- there aren’t whips and red rooms- there isn’t a misogynistic hero who seduces his beautiful subordinate. It’s not about lust or bending someone to your will for your pleasure. It’s about a girl who falls in love with a boy.

Plain and simple.

And plain being that it takes place in an Amish community.

But it’s not quite Amish fiction. It’s a little spicier than your typical Amish Romance.

And yet here we were- premiering on Amazon’s Top 20 in Amish romance on the opening weekend.

At first I was:

fistbump to fellow Jen

But then the worries about how that little bit of tart in the story would come across to traditional Amish Fiction readers worried itself in my mind and then I was more:

breathe Sheldon breathe!

I waited with baited  hyperventilating breaths for the onslaught of angry voices. Outraged at dry humps and temptation at every turn, rather than seeing the love and devotion two people had and discovered in finding themselves and one another. I was truly scared that it would be crucified (pardon the pun).

Instead, Faith dipped from Number 14 the first day to a low of Number 42 by week three… I was okay with that. Blessed to have it on any Top 100, I was happy to see that day after day it was receiving a positive review, and a steady purchase count. And word was getting out. A few wonderful blog reviews throughout the month definitely helped spread the word (check out links at the end for the great reviews and recs); I was hoping to find that perhaps this little story would hit it off with the Amish fiction readers. That they’d see the love story and not the possible scandal I feared.

Well this week I was looking at sales and was shocked to discover that Healing Faith was racing up the ranks: first 34, then 27, then 21 and then up to #12!

It was running alongside the wonderful authors like Wanda E Brunstetter and Sarah Price!

This little baby is seeing more Amish Fiction readers than I could have imagined, as I see the other books bought from people buying mine seems to convey. And for this I am so so thankful. The intent of publishing this, and doing it as a self publication at that- was that I could share this with more than just the few that had read it in its previous incarnation. Yes, yes. Many of you already know this was GASP Twilight fan fiction before. And while some have been adamant about not supporting anyone offering their story to the masses in a reworked edition, many more have embraced Nathan and Kate as individuals in an entirely new story, separate of the fictionalized world of Twilight. And again, for that I am so very thankful.

I wanted to share this with as many people as would read it. Some might say it’s just romance. Bonnet rippers if you will. Some will scoff and blog and say it’s not Shakespeare or Chaucer or Austin.  But it is a story that provides hope and faith. It’s my heart- my baby, and for that I am proud to share it (even though pride is not an Amish trait). This story comes from my heart, as one reviewer wrote. And I want to thank each and every one of you that has purchased, read, reviewed, promoted, or smiled and felt a little happier having experienced a little bit of my heart.

So one last gif for you all. My love and joy to all of you for accepting a little piece of me into your life.

Thank you Credoroza for sharing this in a review! All the hugs!

Thank you everyone! Take a look at these awesome posts and I promise more soon! MWAH!


4 thoughts on “An Author Thanks Her Readers

  1. Ging Hat says:

    Finding a great story is like getting the best Christmas present except that, unlike most presents, this one just keeps giving itself over and over. You’ve given us a fabulous gift. For me, it will continue to be a gift I open repeatedly over the years with great pleasure.
    So, you’re welcome and thank YOU!

  2. A good story is a good story and Healing Faith is a good story. I knew it would find it’s fan base based on it’s own merit it just needed time. I am so happy it is doing so well and even happier people are finding Nathan and Kate and loving them as much as I did!!

  3. I’m so marvelously proud of you, I can’t even find words touching enough to express my admiration for your spirit and diligence. I know this was a scary and intimidating process for you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe great things are in store for you and I can’t wait to see the manifestation of your talent continue to touch others hearts and lives!!!!!!

  4. NKubie says:

    I can’t tell you how proud I am of you, Jen! It makes my heart sing that all of your “heart” work is paying off. You deserve every word of praise you get. Hope Healing Faith keeps climbing the charts. I have faith that it will! 😉

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