Roadtrip 2013


My car is packed, my trusty wingman is on her way from lovely NoCal; and bright and early tomorrow we are on our way to Atlanta for the Romance Writer’s of America Annual Conference. 

Why drive, you ask? isn’t is expensive with the cost of gas and everything?

The thing is- a road trip is special. It’s a journey of exploration, a time to reflect on your life and choose your destiny. And while we may not be doing Kerouac’s ON the ROAD– we can damn sure throw our heads back, kick up let our hair flow and listen to some Freebrid with the windows down! It’s also vital research and photographic inspiration for the NA I’ll be pitching at the conference about a young woman stuck in the rut of life who decides to take a leap and get on the road to follow her favorite Indie musician. 

OK- it’s also an excuse to get out there and eat at all the great dives and see the countryside- I really need more corn pictures!

How many times in your life can you pretend you’re Thelma and Louise?Image

Of course this could be more like a Lampoon’s vacation- it seems the world is set against us today- my old phone- which had every app known to man has decided it wanted a different vacation than this one- so I have a nice shiny new iPhone. Fog is socking in the LA basin, making flights from NoCal delayed. Nothing like sitting on the Tarmac with no way of begging for that drink…

So let’s hope we don’t end up like this in the middle of Texas:



And if we see a hitchhiker- chances are it won’t be Brad Pitt but this guy right here:Image

So we’ll be tweeting/Instagramming/facebooking/ our way across the States- hitting sights like Cadillac Ranch and Meter Crater- seeing the Grand Ol Opry before cruising to Hotlanta for some fun with our friends. 

If you are following me on twitter- be prepared for randomness (I’m @JennyferBrowne for those looking) and here on instragram (I’m kinda boring on Instagram- but now I have a cool IPhone!)

So we’ll see you in Atlanta if you’re going to RWA- and if you see two crazy ladies at some place the Guy from Diners Drive-ins and Dives has been to- yeah- that’s probably us!

Roadtrip 2013!Image


3 thoughts on “Roadtrip 2013

  1. Maritza Jimenez says:

    Have a great trip. If you stop in Phoenix go to The Duce in downtown Phx. It was featured in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It is awesome.

  2. Leah Austin says:

    I’m so excited!! Also do you have the food networks App “On the Road” if not you needs it!!! Love you!

  3. Brandi Mitchell says:

    Hope you guys are having a blast!!!

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