A Tease of What’s To Come

823396_613118332068030_1704925740_oHello my friends!

October seemed to fly by and here we are, less than two months from the release of Renewing Hope! Am I nervous? Do I feel like I am on a rollercoaster ride of emotions trying to finish everything in time? You betcha! But that’s half the fun, isn’t it?

With October and endless editing and discovering new things I want to somehow sneak into this second novel, I had the chance to do our photoshoot for the cover! What an excellent way to boost your desire to finish and share with all of you! My models were amazing and I just can’t thank them enough for taking the time to don the Kapp and suspenders to create some amazing shots. I am busy trying to decide which picture will grace the front, but in the meantime, I wanted to give you a little tease of who my Kate is, and of course, share some more Nathan!

Now how about a little excerpt? You all have been so patient, I think a little sharing is in order!

So here is a little blurb from Renewing Hope, for my fabulous readers:

I didn’t understand shunning really. Both Benjamin and Nathan tried to explain it to me, but the idea of it baffled me when looking at the context of Amish life. Everything I had learned and read about my new life seemed to contradict the idea of Shunning.

The Amish life was about forgiveness. 

Loving one’s family. 

And never being proud. 

So why did Bishop Yoder remain so stubborn about his son? Why had he not forgiven Benjamin of his transgressions while living in the English world, and accept his son’s desire to come home, to the Amish life?

Both had too much pride to admit their own faults, and both held onto the belief that their reasoning was right. The Bishop refused to accept that his son was a good and honest man, made for this life but had simply strayed. Benjamin wanted to come home, but refused to believe that what he had done should matter. And if I had learned anything in my baptismal classes, it was that really, what he had done did not matter in retrospect. He had yet to be baptized and accept the Way. In true Amish faith, he would be washed of those past sins upon his baptism. 

If only the Bishop could forgive. 

Looking forward to sharing more with you my friends! Hope to reveal the fabulous cover and more shots of Kate and Nathan coming up in November. Stay tuned and thank you for all the amazing support and love!