Renewing Hope Countdown and Giveaway Results


Happy Sunday, my friends!

I can’t believe the time- we are a week away from launch day for Renewing Hope! I know so many of you are excited and eager to get your copy, so I want to announce the winners of the giveaway drawing from the Cover Reveal! The winners are Jen S and Una Danz! Don’t fret if you did not get a copy, I will be offering another giveaway on release day both here on the blog and at my Facebook page Release Party ! Be sure to come by for treats, giveaways, and some fun posts on “dream casting”.

Now, as part of the 7 day countdown, how about a little tease?

hayloft       I was panting as I pushed and shoved another bale up onto the second level of another base row. The hay made the ground a little slippery,   and as I had grown tired, my hard shove catapulted me to fall onto the long row of hay in front of me. The last troublesome bale tipped over and landed back on its side.

I let out a tired huff and flopped onto the hay, not caring if I got it in my hair.

I just wanted to be horizontal for a minute.

When Nathan’s warm body covered mine there in the hay, I wasn’t worried about how straight my rows were or whether I was just a little too weak to make a third row.

His lips covered mine, searching slowly while his hands travelled down my side past my hips, tugging at my skirt to free up my legs. I could feel his grin against my lips before he drew away to look down at me.

“Benjamin is at the mill until late,” he whispered, his eyes gleaming.

I raised my eyebrow at him.


“And?” I said, playing ignorant.

My skirt moved up a little higher, his smile wicked.

“And you have made such a nice place to rest,” he whispered, his lips moving down my throat until his nose edged across the top of my dress.

“It is quite comfortable up here,” I replied, slipping my fingers through his suspenders to slide them down over his shoulders.

“It is better than the old loft,” he mumbled, his nose drifting further down until his face lay nestled in between my breasts. “No one will find us up here.”

His overheated body felt good against me in the cold air, and I moaned when he adjusted against me.

Kissing couple in hay.

“Is this all right?” he murmured into my skin. “I must confess I have thought of you in the hayloft with me since before the last time we ventured up.”

“What did you think we might do up in the hayloft?” I asked, breathless and eager to see a more adventurous side of him.

He chuckled and looked down at me with mischievous eyes.

“I think my ideas have grown.”


More teasers this week as we countdown to December 15th! And more chances for free copies of Renewing Hope!

Pleasant Sunday, friends! 


– J


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