Renewing Hope Tease

Hello friends!

We have six days before Renewing Hope releases! This week I will offer picture teases with just a hint of what is to come. 

Here we are on # Six of the countdown:

amish clearing the field2

source Amish America


Nathan was already in the field closest to the barn, his horses rigged up to one of Jonah’s larger machines, and already the first row of corn by the barn had been cleared from the earth. Behind him in the large wagon stood a man I recognized and was surprised to see working amongst the Amish.

Benjamin Yoder. I remembered him from the Gathering, seemingly months ago. Benjamin was the old friend of Nathan’s who had helped find me.

The Bishop’s son.

He was still dressed in English clothes, his dark hair grown out since the last time I had seen him and a wavy mess from the work. It was obvious he knew how to work the machinery.



We’ll see you tomorrow with another picture tease of one of my favorite characters! Can you guess who it is?

Until tomorrow!



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