Renewing Hope tease #5


Five days, my friends! 

And another tease:

One of my favorite characters:

tumblr_mk0y3yX1xh1s70v29o1_500As I stepped into the barn, the big black poked his massive head from his stall and shook his mane fancifully at me as I neared. I hoped that was his way of saying hello and not a warning for me to back off. I whispered to him, his eyes regarding me with a depth I found intimidating for an animal.

Magnus was very aware of the world around him.

I stroked his muzzle with a tentative hand, his lips chewing on my fingers for a second before he nickered and nodded his head, as if telling me to stop teasing him. I chuckled and pulled out one apple, laying it in my open hand for him to take. He took it eagerly and munched on it as I stroked along his neck, looking into his stall to see if it needed cleaning.


Perhaps it is from my days of reading Black Beauty and The Black Stallionhorse-face-desktop-background-176But Magnus, while a secondary character, and an animal at that, touches my heart and his loyalty to his master (and his master’s love) will always make me smile and even cry a little (I’m such a sap when it comes to animals!). 

Perhaps he does fancy himself a prancing stallion that owns the farm:

As if to thank me, he left me a pile to clean up as he sauntered away toward the pasture.

But how can you not love such a big sweetheart?  He really is just an oversized cuddle bug… 

He’ll be the first to insist that he’s really the hero.

“Come, Magnus,” I whispered and held my hand out to him.Jen-Profile-Horse-4x6-302x302

He stepped up to me, his head nuzzled into my stomach as I stroked his neck carefully. 

“You have earned yourself all the oats I can sneak you, sweet boy,” I whispered and stroked him a little harder, my tears falling over his forelock as he nickered against me.


Magnus and more- coming in five days! 

Happy Tuesday!




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