Renewing Hope Tease # 4

Good evening friends!

What could I possibly tease you with tonight? How about the many tasty delights of Renewing Hope?

StrawberryI plucked one of the bigger berries out of the basket and held it up for him to bite. He looked from me to the fruit, his mouth hesitant for a moment before he leaned in slightly to take a bite. Juice dribbled down his chin as he bit down, forcing him to pull away to wipe his chin with his bicep.

He was a mess.

He was beautiful and smiling down at me.


Strawberries are nice- but then so is pie….

“I have heard of your pies, young Katherine,” the old woman said, squinting to investigate one of my apple pies. When she looked up again, I noticed one of her eyes was blind, clouded with age and cataracts.

“Ethel, she puts my pies to shame,” Fannie replied, holding me close.

The old woman laid the pie back down on the table and patted me lightly on the arm.

“Well, that should make the young Fisher boy happy. Fatten him up. He is far too thin,” she said, nodding seriously.

“I will do my best,” I murmured, smiling at the idea that perhaps I could make him happy with more than simply my pies. And even more so, that Ethel already approved of me to do so.

Perhaps pie was the way to the Amish heart.


But the food item that I crave most, and often can only find in the fall- 

“Did you make this pumpkin butter?” she mumbled and spread more of it on the tiny remains of the biscuit in her hand.

“Sarah Jensen gave me the recipe last week. Fannie and I salvaged some of the pumpkins in the fields,” I said, chuckling at Hannah’s newly voracious appetite.

Apparently she wasn’t suffering from morning sickness anymore.Pumpkin Butter_Spreader

“It is good,” she replied and popped the last of the biscuit in her mouth, peeking under the cloth to see if there were any more biscuits. Her frown told me she had eaten them all.

“We can make more biscuits if you want,” I said, laughing when she pursed her lips at me.

“Just you wait, Katherine,” she growled. “I finally find something I can eat and I want nothing more than to devour them. You will see.”


Four more days, my friends! I’ll be over here, having some pie to tide me over….


One thought on “Renewing Hope Tease # 4

  1. NKubie says:

    Dammit! Now I want pie AND the book!

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