Renewing Hope Teaser # 3



Good Evening my friends! Three days before the launch, and I am excited to say that every last little edit is COMPLETE! Formatting DONE! Cover FINISHED! And my proof arrived in the mail today with minimal changes to be made! YES!

This is happening! 

So with all the fabulous news, I think we all deserve a little tease that perhaps offers a little heat — a little zest. That twist of tart that makes the pulse quicken. 

“Do enjoy what you see, Kate?” he asked, the mischief clear in his voice when he sat up straight to wrap his arms around me quicker than I could pull away.

Fireside tub“Nathan! You’ll slosh water out!” I exclaimed when he shifted to cause waves in the bath.

“Only if I do this,” he said and pulled me in with him, fully clothed. I cried out and laughed in surprise at feeling the water soak into my clothes. Only my feet remained out of the tub, as well as my head that reached up to his in a heated kiss.

“We will need to clean this up,” I breathed around his lips.

“Later,” he whispered, his mouth moving once more to my neck. “How is it that you taste better every time I kiss you?”

I giggled at the stubble on his chin as he moved along my neck, trying hard not to move so as to keep from splashing more water out of the tub. I didn’t want to spend precious time after his bath cleaning up. I wanted a repeat of our time last night in bed. Nathan groaned against my collarbone and tipped his head up to look up into my eyes, the tender expression in them making my heart pound.kiss-couple-romance-touch-feeling-happy-hug-embrace-love-beautiful-camila-lima-anas-ahmed22

“I cannot get enough of you,” he whispered. “I want to take you to our bed and stay there all night worshipping you.”


I’ll keep it short tonight. Just let this one sit here, at least until tomorrow. 

Three more days my friends! 




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