Renewing Hope Teaser # 2

Good evening my friends!

Instead of wordy excerpts tonight, I thought I would tease you with visual ideas of some of the characters of the series. I will share more on release day on my Facebook page ( I can’t wait for you to see who I see as Nathan, Kate, and Benjamin) but tonight, let me share a couple of other characters:

John Wittmer- Quiet and reserved in many ways, he is the the foundation of security in Emma’s life.


Fannie Berger- warm and loving , she is the mother every child wishes for. She is willing to see the best in everyone. She is sweeter than the sweetest pie.



Abigail Berger- young, exuberant, and wise beyond her ten years. She is sunshine in a dress.



Elder Ezekiel- kind hearted, dedicated to the Way, and someone to be listened to. A man with a heart of gold.



(I can’t think not think of this man and not remember the church scene in Home Alone- tears every time)


So who do you see when you see characters? Discussions on Sunday, release day!

Two days my friends!

I can’t wait!





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