What is Love?

And now the ear worm is in your head, right? But is it Haddaway or Howard Jones?

Seriously though, we write about romantic love and for each story there are the classic clichès of what love is(or at least some feeling of the state of being):

Tingling electricity that sparks when touched. CreationOfAdamLong

Butterflies in the belly. An all-encompassing need to have. To take. To possess. To cherish.

To honor.

To protect.

Is this love?

How about respect? Partnership? Honoring your partner’s opinions when they are not your own?

Is love a one of a kind event- never to be shared with another again? Or can you love many in your lifetime?

Can you grow to love a stranger because you were matched with him or her? Is there love at first sight?

How does one fall out of love? Is love only for those that deserve it, or can one who has no morals love?

Blinded by love. Fallen into love. So in love. Love bug. Sick with love. All you need is love.

I love you.

So many times the word love is thrown out there. But really…. WHAT IS LOVE?

Can it be proven by science? By logical explanation?


Is it different for you than for me? Is a man’s perception of what love is different from a woman’s? Does love get better with age, or is it more consuming when you are younger?

This post is intended not to answer- but to simply expound on love. Different from all of us- similar in so many ways too.

And it seems that we can go on and on in chapter/verse/novel as to what love can be.

You know when when you feel it. But do you really?


Love is that emotion that we will continue to ponder on, expound on, write songs/sonnets/novels about.

Because it is one thing that ties us all together.

As humans.

As compassionate beings.

Good. Bad. And in between.

There is always love. In all its shapes and styles.

Love is….love.






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