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6Hello My friends!

I feel like this post needs to be very 80’s-centric: lately I have been feeling like many of my teenage icons with their angst and insurmountable turmoils- all done up in pink and fluffy hair and bad boys. You may have wondered where I had gotten off to. I can tell you it was a lot less of this:5d50b6ec-ab9a-4bf2-8831-0da38670f8a8 and a lot more like this:

Every day my deadline has drawn near, I feel a little more like screaming in terror and fleeing. So much keeps getting in the way that by the end of the day when I sit down to open up that document- I simply sit there and stare:


The truth is I have been writing a lot. A lot of proposals for my day job that have left me feeling a little less creative in the fiction department and more or less structural in the requests for money, acquisitions, and phasing of implementations (I have toyed with the idea of adding juicy word emphasizers to these rather dry documents, but the opportunity to use expressive words like undulate, quiver, and firmness only go so far when talking about equipment, and that’s not the equipment I am proposing, sad to say). Sometimes- having to have a real job that pays the bills and provides benefits can take a lot out of you.

So where am I at then, you ask? Everybody has a hard time juggling life and work and everything else. So what’s the story, Jenny?

Well I am crawling back out of my cave of self woe to say I am back to writing, and determined to finish what I started, I will make this happen. I even have his serious face to prove it:


And to help that along- I thought a little excerpt was in order- since so many of you have been waiting patiently for that August publishing date that came and went. I am shooting for a November release of Finding Love, and really want you all to know that instead of simply throwing something together that I was not happy with, I wanted to spend the time to get my head on straight, out of dry, and lifeless proposals and collegiate writings, and back into what we love most- love. Simple, honest, heartfelt love.

So without further ado- how about a little bit of Benjamin?

His palms were sweating. How long had it been since he had sweaty palms?

She held out the glass with a tentative smile that trembled around the corners, perhaps fighting to fall if he didn’t move quickly enough. He reached for the slick glass, thanking the cool beverage that hid the moisture on his own fingertips and nodded to Judith in appreciation.

Swallow and then speak, he thought, fighting the urge to simply guzzle the lemonade to get the moment over with so he could flee.

“You have quite a dedicated community,Bishop Yoder,” she said, her voice so soft it was difficult to hear over the milling of people around them.

He looked around and noticed just how many of his parishioners had come today, smiling at the accomplishment in such a short time.

“They must truly enjoy your guidance and wisdom.”

He coughed and blushed at her compliment, sure that it had less to do with himself and more to do with the tradition his father had developed over his years as Bishop.

“Your Bishop has seen to providing as well. It is always a joy to see so many new faces here. I look forward to getting to know our neighbors better,” he replied and drank deeply once more, trying to deflect some of the admiration he saw shining in her dark eyes. He needed to finish his drink and run. Her smile had grown a little bolder and he knew he couldn’t linger.

False hopes led to broken hearts.

He knew that well.

“Well, I need to make my rounds,” he said and swallowed a little too quickly, forcing him to cough and splutter up the last of the tart beverage. He could barely croak out a thanks before he was shoving the glass into her hands and grabbing the first available work apron on the stool nearest them so he had an excuse to hide in the rafters with his friend, Nathan.

A quick glance back made his heart heavy. Judith stood there in the middle of the driveway, eyes to the ground as she slowly kicked at the gravel there.

He hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings. In truth, he had found her constant appearances with a beverage or slice of cake endearing,all the while as she fidgeted with her hands and blushed when he smiled and thanked her. And her tremulous smiles…

When was the last time he had had a young woman look at him that way?

Hadn’t he just been thinking as he rode to his best friend’s house how much he wished he could find a woman to find such joy in as Nathan had?

The scowl from Elder Snyder reminded him of the reason he could not pursue Judith Snyder.

He might be Bishop, but Benjamin Yoder had a past that many would not approve of.

It would take a strong woman to understand his past and convince her family that Benjamin Yoder was a worthy husband.

Another quick glance at Judith, and she smiled at having caught his failed attempt at sneaking a look at her.

Perhaps she wasn’t as meek as she seemed.

With a father like old Jeb Snyder, perhaps Judith was strong enough to handle Benjamin Yoder’s past failings.

That’s all for now! I am hoping to write a little bit for the blog every weekend to keep everyone up to date, maybe even provide some sneaks too! Hang in there my friends, I may have fallen off the horse- but we’re back in the saddle again!Can-t-Buy-Me-Love-caps-patrick-dempsey-7134093-720-528



Cover Reveal for Renewing Hope

The eagerly anticipated second book of the In Your World Series is DAYS away! Renewing Hope is due to be released on December 15th. 

So what are we hoping to see as Kate Hill and Nathan Fisher continue on their journey? Let’s see by first taking a look at the cover- 

RH cropped ebookversion

Kate Hill hopes to leave her English past behind her in order to be accepted by the Amish of West Grove, and marry her love, Nathan Fisher. But as she struggles to win over her Amish neighbors, she discovers that the sordid past of the Bishop’s son has caused a rift in the small community. Shunned for living the English lifestyle, Benjamin Yoder finds a friend in Kate, and wonders if there is hope in returning to the Amish life he misses.

Nathan Fisher wants his old friend, Benjamin, back with the Amish for many reasons- by forgiving Benjamin his English transgressions; surely the community will accept his Kate. With the Bishop’s steadfast obstinacy towards the English blight on his flock, it will be up to Kate and Nathan to heal their community by bringing home the son of the Bishop and renewing hope in the Amish through forgiveness. 


“Bishop Yoder, pleasant day.”

I froze with a pie in my hand at the name on Ethel’s lips. Turning, I found the Bishop standing in front of the booth, eyeing the baked goods and jams. When he looked up to find me standing there his friendly face faltered and a slight sneer appeared. It only lasted an instant before the man standing beside him spoke. I hadn’t even noticed the young Bishop, Zachariah Ropp, standing there.

“It is good to see you again, Katherine Hill,” he said with a courteous nod of his head. “I have heard many say your baked goods would make a fine addition to this market.”

The Bishop’s eyes narrowed at the young man’s compliment.

“I am happy to offer whatever I may, Bishop Ropp,” I replied, my voice soft.

Fannie came up beside me and transferred the pie in my tightening grasp to the table.

“She is blessed in her baking,” she replied simply.

“You have taught her much, then,” Bishop Yoder stated, never taking his judging eye from mine.

“No, she was blessed before she arrived with us, Bishop Yoder,” Fannie replied. “I dare say she outshines my own skills.”

“Really?” Bishop Ropp asked, his eyebrows rising slightly. “Naomi Yoder has said that no one can cook like you. Your cakes and dishes are always the first to go at your Sermons, I hear.”

Fannie wrapped her arm around my waist and smiled.

“Not any longer, I think,” she said. “I do believe Katherine’s pies disappeared while the main dishes were still hot on last Sermon.”

“You will make an Amish man very happy one day,” Bishop Ropp said before jerking his head toward his elder Bishop, who made a strangled noise in his throat.

Clearly Bishop Yoder didn’t think so.

“An Amish wife must know more than how to fill her husband’s belly,” he muttered and nodded his goodbye before stalking off toward the horse auction.

Bishop Ropp looked after him for a moment before offering his clipped farewell and following after. Ethel patted my hand and gestured toward the retreating Bishops.

“Do not worry over Bishop Yoder. He has just forgotten what a meal made with love tastes like.”

“I do not think Nathan Fisher starves so,” one of the other women teased.

“Leave her be, Mary,” Sarah said, winking at me as my blush deepened.


Look for Renewing Hope to hit Amazon on December 15th! Links to come! 

Love to everyone that is spreading the word for this series- I cannot thank you enough for your love and support!

As part of my gratitude, I will be offering a free electronic copy of Renewing Hope to two (in honor of it being BOOK 2) fabulous readers. Simply leave a comment below. I will announce the winners ( who will be randomly selected) this Sunday in my next post, a delicious tease to whet your appetites for December 15th- so leave some love below and good luck!



Book Two of the In Your World series

amish brothers

Happy Sunday all!

I’ve had a number of people ask, so I figured it was a good time to post something as we leap into Fall. We’ll all be busy with getting kids back to school, going back to school ourselves, perhaps starting a new adventure in the workforce- culminating with a flurry of holidays near the end of the year. Time will surely fly and before we know it, it will be December.

December will be big for me, and as a result-  for you as well!

With the holidays comes the release of the much anticipated second book of the In Your World series, entitled Renewing Hope. It is my hope to release Renewing Hope around December 15th, just in time to fill those stockings with joy and love!

I’m very excited to share with you the summary of Renewing Hope today and hope to offer some excerpts in the coming weeks! I’m also excited to say that I have my models for the cover and should have some exciting pictures to share with you later in October! Until then, here is the summary for Renewing Hope and look for more coming up this fall!


Kate Hill hopes to leave her English past behind her in order to be accepted by the Amish of West Grove and marry her love, Nathan Fisher. But as she struggles to win over her Amish neighbors, she discovers that the sordid past of Bishop Yoder’s son has caused a rift in the small community. Shunned for living the English lifestyle, Benjamin Yoder finds a friend in Kate and wonders if perhaps there is hope in returning to the Amish life he misses.

 Nathan Fisher wants his childhood best friend, Benjamin, back with the Amish for many reasons- by forgiving Benjamin his English transgressions; surely the community will accept his Kate. With the Bishop’s steadfast obstinacy towards the English blight on his flock, it will be up to Kate and Nathan to heal their community by bringing home the son of the Bishop and renewing hope in the Amish through forgiveness.


I can’t wait to share more with you all!

Have a very happy Sunday!


One Week to Go!


This time next week, this happens. 7 days (6 days a few hours and many seconds). 

There is something so exciting when you see the final product coming together, after months (and sometimes years) of staring at it in a word document, you see it laid out on the page. Then you see the cover and it fits. You dig into your wallet, copyright it, buy those ISBNs and things just got real. 

Self publishing has its drawbacks, sure. You set your own deadlines. You may or not chose to hire an editor. Covers- to pay photostock and risk having a cover that matches someone else- or do you have a photoshoot to do something different (thanks again Nick and Brian for putting up with me on shoot day!) You read, your friends read. You putter with little words. You rearrange paragraphs. You stress it’s not enough. 

But seeing it on the pages. Not just word justified for print. You SEE the pages laid out- where the words shouldn’t disappear into the gutter, where the paragraph cuts off to the next page, where the poem you poured your character’s heart out fit just perfectly- LIKE YOU PLANNED IT. Sure a deletion here of a breakout sentence, hours trying to be sure the margins fit right so the words don’t get lost, or that one line remains on that last page of a chapter.

But YOU did it.

You set your goal, you did what you have to do to make it happen. Self pubbing can wreak havoc to your nerves and you stuck it out. The product is there. 

Seeing it come together is a wonderful feeling. 

Nothing can get you down at that moment- no fear of rejection, bad reviews, or bad sales. 

One week to go and that feeling is going to take over everything. I can’t wait to share it with you all! 

Happy Saturday folks! A day early I know. Maybe I’ll just have to come back again tomorrow!



* photograph by Thomas Hawk entitled Printing Press

Cover Reveal!

HF coverfull

Pleasant Sunday my friends!

With thirteen days until the E-release of Healing Faith, I am so excited to show you the cover reveal! June 1st marks the release of my debut novel in the In Your World series on Amazon and Smashwords, with the print version following soon after! It’s been a long ride but the end looks bright with a cover finished and uploads being made to prepare for the release!

Next week I will offer a little tease to whet your whistle, and hopefully be able to count down with you daily as the week runs down to the big day.

So who’s excited for this?!

I won’t sleep for another two weeks at least!

Happy Sunday my friends!

We’ll see you again soon!



Healing Faith- An In Your World Series Novel



       Kate Hill is fleeing from her abusive boyfriend when her bus breaks down in rural Iowa.  With her abuser in pursuit, she seeks sanctuary with an Amish family after hiding in their buggy. She discovers a world unlike hers in many ways: full of love and sense of family that she had never experienced in her own world. But with the love also come prejudice and a faith that she has never experienced before.

       Nathan Fisher is an innocent Amish man questioning his faith after the loss of his family. Struggling on his own to keep his family’s farm working, he discovers his guiding angel when the English woman becomes his inspiration to his heartsick soul. He knows it would be wrong to fall for this woman, whom the Bishop says is merely temptation to lead him astray. But perhaps that is what his God has sent for him. A fresh start, even if it means the risking all he has ever known.

       Kate must overcome the prejudices of a guarded community and confront the harsh brutality of her world when it comes to find her in order for her to find a life she can be proud to live.  Nathan must find his lost faith while battling the forbidden desire he has for the Outsider that would surely leave him shunned from all he has ever known should he give into his feelings.

       Together they will discover that love can break down boundaries in cultural differences, and heal broken faith.

       Healing Faith, the debut novel in the In Your World Series by Jennyfer Browne will be released in June 2013. Stay tuned for more information and excerpts coming soon!